BASLER is designed for the modern and successful woman.
She knows how to express herself and her achievements.
She values being up-to-date,
with a comfortable fit and uncompromising quality.
Her outfits reflect her true spirit and joyful self.

BASLER gives her strong confidence that she’s
looking good, whatever the occasion.

BASLER stands for contemporary design that is sporty
and elegantly feminine. The blazer underpins the collection.
From there the designers create each unique,
cosmopolitan BASLER-outfit.

BASLER, creates clothing to the highest German
quality and ethical standards and with a love of details.




Continuation of a success story
BASLER  has been one of the leading fashion labels both nationally
and internationally for more than 80 years, and is considered an established name in the 45-plus-segment.
The German women´s apparel specialist BASLER focuses specifically on the
"silver society" targetgroup and is synonymous with quality and fit.

It all started with a couple from East Berlin:
Fritz Basler and his wife Elisabeth founded the Fritz Basler GmbH & Co. KG
in 1936, first specializing on producing jackets and coats.
In the following years, the son of the founding couple,
Horst Basler, extended the assortment by smallindividual collections,
the so-called coordinates.

BASLER wrote German fashion history in the following decades and developed
into an internationally successful company. Despite its clear
focus on the promising target group of the so-called "silver society", the traditional label BASLER had to cease operations after 81 years in August 2017.

Since October of the same year, the trademark rights have been held by the Munich-based TriStyle Group. Now it is celebrating its comeback. BASLER by TriStyle Brands relies on the original successful branding skills paired with a new dynamic set-up.

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